Azani Original Series Long Sleeve Compression Top - Blue


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Azani Original Series Long Sleeve Compression Top - Blue



The powerful compression characteristics in the Azani Original Series Long Sleeve Top is designed to hold your entire upper body muscle group in place and prevent energy sapping muscle vibrations - thus enabling you to train longer and harder.

Irrespective of which sport you specialize in this Azani Gear is a vital piece of equipment for your Upper Body.

Providing graduated compression across the entire upper torso as well as the arms this promotes blood circulation thus providing a faster warm up coupled with a quicker recovery. Ideal for rigorous training sessions where you plan on pushing your body to the limit.

World Class Athletes Using Azani Original Series Long Sleeve Compression Tops: Kieren Dsouza (India's Best Ultramarathon Runner ; Spartathlon finisher in 33 hrs 02 mins). Mahesh Mangaonkar (Asian Games Gold Medalist & World Top 60 Squash). Amit Kumar (Representing India at Ultramarathon World Championships 2017; 24 hr non-stop running course record holder) ; Harinder Pal Singh Sandhu (Indian National Champion and Asian Games Gold Medalist)



Size Chart
Size Chest in Cm Inch
S 89-94 34-37
M 94-98 38-41
L 103-109 42-44
XL 116-124 45-48
XXL 125-132 49-52


Flex Fit Tech™

High levels of support to the bicep, triceps, deltoids and pectorals as well as the core stomach muscles. Couple with 4 way stretch fabric for unrestricted movement provides superior comfort. Targeted compression zones across dominant muscle groups adapts to your unique body shape and size

We love this performance fabric for its serious flex and beast-like performance.

Dynamic Compression

Increases blood flow to active muscles while in motion which in turn reduces lactic acid build up thus enabling more power and less fatigue during your workout.

Reduced Injury

Wrapping and supporting your key muscle groups to reduce movement and prevent large muscle vibrations thus causing lower levels of soft tissue damage as you exercise.

Moisture Wicking and Anti Stink

The silk like smooth and soft finish combined with specific treatments made on our yarns designed to wick away moisture and more like your second skin.

Weft Knitted

Optimal levels of spandex to control and provide very specific levels of elasticity which are ideal for a graduated compression effects.


Moisture Wicking

Designed for the Indian Weather. Our advanced moisture transport system makes sure our apparel doesn't get heavy after a sweat-fest nor will they cause skin irritation like traditional athletic apparel does. This is all done to keep our athletes cool, dry and free from skin chafing.

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