Azani Intersect Running and Training Shoes - Black/Grey

Rs. 1,699 Rs. 2,399
Color: Black/Grey

Product Description:

With a construct as unique as the high grade Flyknit Upper, the ‘Azani Intersect Running and Training Shoes’ has a special weave that provides your foot with extra support in certain areas and air flow & flexibility in other areas where it’s required most!


Features & Benefits:

- Soft sock like construction to help against blisters
- Detachable - Thickly padded PU Foam Insole
- High Grade Flyknit Upper for muscle support, breathability & flexibility
- Sleek but comfortable midsole
- Great impact at take-off and smooth landing
- Firm grip to support all body movements
- Tear Resistant
- Available colours - Black/Grey, Black/Army Green
- Ideal used for activities such as running, walking, exercising & training
- Closure: Lace