Siddharth Suchde

Siddharth graduated from Harvard in 2007 and then put his education to good use by becoming a professional athlete! His incredibly competitive nature came in handy for the Indian junior team, which he captained at their best-ever finish at the World Championships. He represented Harvard at No.1 throughout his four years there eventually becoming the Collegiate National Champion in the USA, won a medal at the Asian Games, and broke into the global top 40 in squash. When he retired from the professional circuit, he gave shape to a deep personal desire to provide access to transformative performance apparel worthy of world-class athletes and that was the genesis of Azani. 

Punith Kumar

Punith is the most academically qualified member on the Azani team, the only one in the organization with an MBA! As an active proponent of using sport to spread social good, he devotes a significant amount of time and energy to Astha, an NGO that enables differently abled individuals to pursue sport as a career and has already supported two international athletes. He is among seven Indians to be chosen by Ford India as an entrepreneur working for social development. With his undying belief that everyone is an athlete, Punith brings this inclusive spirit to all of us at Azani.

Alfons Jose

Alfons is without a doubt the most active member of the Azani team and his story is an inspiring lesson in physical transformation for a healthier life. Overweight and unhealthy during college at St Stephens in New Delhi, his single-minded focus enabled a 30 kgs reduction in weight coupled with single-digit body fat percentage. His secret: An incredibly disciplined diet and obsession for Squash, Running and High Intensity Interval Training. In fact, his intense workout routines makes him the ideal guinea pig on whom to test all Azani products! Alfons is a massive Formula One fan too.




The question was, how do we do that? What could we do that would make athletes push harder, higher and the stronger and then push some more? As athletes, we looked within us for answers. We discovered a small, simple truth: we play better when we enjoy our sport.



Azani was built to do just that: provide quality activewear with simple design for athletes who love their sport. We're obsessed about designing and manufacturing our products to help athletes run faster, jump higher and hit harder. In other words: gear that provides relentless performance, charged by will.