Azani Technology

Azani performance gear is designed to support you before, during and after your workout. Specifically, it's an athlete's performance product that's developed to help you train harder, run longer and prevent injury and fatigue. No matter what the score is, trust that the technology we developed here at Azani will always be in your corner when you need it. 

SubZero-Tech TM

Our signature sleek, comfortable, moisture-wicking "second-skin" that makes all athletes train faster, stronger and higher. Our four-way stretch fabric is a complete no-nonsense thoroughbred and will make you feel like you're training in the shade on those hot and humid days. 

We love this performance fabric for its serious stretch and beast-like performance.

Biomimetic Engineering to obtain Optimum Levels of Compression 

With our in-house Geek Squad of engineers, we've zeroed down to the range of 9 mmHg - 16 mmHg across the athletes posterior gluteus and quadriceps femoris as the optimum level of compression as a perfect biomimetic fit.
This was done to enhance your natural movement and stride patterns during your training. Too much or too little compression and the optimum benefits of blood circulation reduced muscle fatigue and faster recovery will not be available to the athlete. 

Ultra fine Flat-lock seams prevent chafing during your workouts to make this uber-comfortable and perfect for everyday use.  

The science behind Azani compression stems from applying optimum levels of pressure across certain dominant muscle areas. The idea behind pressuring the veins in this manners is to enhance the athletes venous return to the heart. As a result, overall blood circulation is increased therefore improving muscle oxygenation, reducing swelling and helping athletes feel fresh and light in their legs.

Reduction in Muscle Fatigue 

Azani performance gear is engineered to hold the muscles in place and prevent excessive muscle vibrations. This benefits the athlete by reducing muscle damage, delaying muscle fatigue as well as reducing the onset on DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness). This is done by preventing excessive lactic acid build up in certain parts of the body. Not only does it prolong how long the muscle can push it also reduces muscle strain, minor tear thus diminishing the potential for injury.

Antibacterial and Anti-odor protection.

We've engineered our products with antibacterial and anti-odor protection to keep our products clean, versatile and resilient to infections. 

Faster Recovery 

Activating blood blow through the use of Azani compression products will aid in an athlete's faster recovery by increasing oxygen supply, preventing swelling, reducing soreness and flushing away toxins. Consequently, this reduced soreness and swelling which results in significantly speeding up recovery time for the athlete.