At Azani, we take performance and footwear technology pretty seriously. Our specialized and smart high tech features are what differentiate our running shoes.

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Heightened Cushioning through "Shock Absorbers" Under Your Feet

Our patented Sonic Surge midsole system can help you train harder and push farther with less stress on your feet. Think of the Sonic Surge technology as small shock absorbers and springs under your feet made from highly adaptive materials which when you hit the ground cushion both horizontal and vertical forces for a soft landing. Enjoy a cushioned running sensation and stay away from pain and injuries.

Energy Return through Every Step

The Azani Sonic Surge midsole not only provides cushioning with every step but also returns a large part of 'recycled' energy into the body due to its highly responsive midsole design which provides a rebound like sensation. Energy is not lost or dissipated as seen in traditional footwear and as a result this allows athletes to train with far less stress on their joints, ligaments and entire body. Our philosophy rests on the principles of Newton's Third Law: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Reduced Ground Contact Time

In traditional running shoes the forefoot of the shoe gets slammed into the ground first while in the Azani Sonic Surge - due to our patented midsole and outsole design - the forefoot hits later providing a smooth landing and spreading the impact force over time (last on the ground). Conversely, on toe off the energy transfer from heel to toe and the expansion of the Sonic Surge midsole provides for an explosive take off (first of the ground).

Naturally Forward Leaning Transition System.

In traditional running shoes when the heel and forefoot are fully landed i.e. in full contact with the ground the body posture still requires additional energy to push the centre of gravity forward and get ready for take-off via the forefoot. In the Azani Sonic Surge, due to a combination of mechanical factors ranging from a higher than usual toe spring and a moderate heel to toe offset, the shoe has already propelled the body forward, ready for a swift and explosive take off and keeping good running form in action.

Snug Fit Coupled with Unrestricted Air Flow Keeping Your Feet Cool and Comfy

Ever felt that nagging sensation with your feet constantly moving around in your shoe while you train and you feel your toes are swimming like wearing a pair of flippers? Our trademarked Spider Cage Upper consisting of 2 layers of a unique mesh design protect your feet in a snug, glove like manner thus reducing excessive foot movements within the shoe. Add to that the extra wide honeycomb mesh holes which allow the free circulation of air and you have a design which allows your feet to cool down as they get hot and swollen during a run.


Distribute Pressure Evenly Across Your Feet and Avoid Pain Spots

Did you know that the maximum impact forces going through your body happen during toe off when trying to take off and move forward - NOT during landing! Knowing that this is the moment of highest impact, we reshaped our outsole with generous amounts of blown rubber padding to evenly distribute pressure across your entire foot from heel to midfoot and toe. So you know longer need to deal with those painful "hot spots" which concentrate pressure on a particular area of your feet and instead can enjoy a comfortable safe and enjoyable run.