Azani Infuser Detox Glass Bottle With Stainless Steel Strainer - Green, 550 ML

Rs. 999
Color: Green

Product Description:

Sip on to your choice of hot tea after a relaxed yoga session. It’s got a filter so you can easily slide in a tea bag and pour hot water after sealing it. Additionally, it’s rubber layering over the glass not only notches up the bottle’s aesthetic but also gives you a great grip!

Features & Benefits:- 

- Rubber layering in between to enhance grip, so you can hold the hot bottle with ease
- Perfect to carry during yoga and other training sessions
- Non shatter glass for long life and durability
- Travel friendly bottle with it's easy to carry around features
- Wide mouth, makes it easy to take a chilled big sip
- End your yoga session with some piping hot tea - Slide in your tea bag at the bottom and seal it before pouring in some hot water, and enjoy your hot tea!
- Non-leak bottle - to avoid any leakage
- Easy to open and close lid for accessible liquids
- Dimensions: Length: 24 cm, Circumference: 22 cm
- Volume: 550 ML
- Material: Glass
- Imported